Shadowlaw featured on USA Today site!

Shadowlaw, Brandon Easton’s Sci-Fi masterpiece, has received an impressive amount of press the last few months. Most recently, USA Today featured the book and interviewed the creator. Below is an excerpt, but please be sure to CLICK HERE to read the article in full.

“I once joked that I put vampires into my story just so I could find ways of killing them,” Easton says. “I wanted to get away from the romantic Southern gothic vision of vampires that Anne Rice had made popular over the last 30 years. The last thing I wanted for my creatures were for them to be wearing ascots and lace.”

He’s not a fan at all of vampire fiction, but he did grow up in Baltimore reading classic sci-fi literature and watching Star Wars, Alien, Superman, Logan’s Run and other movies “like almost every kid born in the 1970s.”

Easton also still finds influence in “the zeitgeist of 1980s afternoon-adventure animation geared toward teen boys” that was a part of his pop-culture diet, from Transformers, G.I. Joe and Robotech to Voltron, Masters of the Universe and M.A.S.K.

“I was very much inspired by the complexity of animation and storytelling,” says Easton, a writer for Cartoon Network’s ThunderCats animated series. “Although these series were created with the mandate of selling toys, the writers managed to carve out some very interesting stories in imaginative ways.”

The original concept for Shadowlaw came from one place, though: watching Blade Runner time after time and thinking about what if vampires existed in that future world. Easton wrote the first script treatment for it when he was at Ithaca College in 1996, but found it derivative of many of the things he had enjoyed over the years.

Be sure to read the entire interview by CLICKING HERE. If you’re interested in learning more about the book, see below!

Shadowlaw [Graphic Novel]
ISBN: 978-1-926914-45-9
Diamond Code: SEP110748 Genre: Science Fiction
Arcana Title Page:
Description:  Rictor Caesaro, a soldier in the New Earth Alliance elite corps, kills his commanding officer during a botched riot control mission. He is sentenced to life in the Sanctuary District Рa special prison camp located deep in the swamplands of the South. In this dark domain, Rictor uncovers a secret that not only threatens his life, but the fate of the Earth.


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