Paper Dragon Ink interviews Sean Patrick O’Reilly on Intrinsic

Paper Dragon Ink recently did an email interview with Intrinsic writer, Sean Patrick O’Reilly, to discuss the origins of the story, starting this FCBD May 5th with Intrinsic #1. They also touched on the characters, what they bring to the team, and the writing dynamic between himself, Casey Jones, and Erik Hendrix. You can read the entire interview by CLICKING HERE, but below is an excerpt. DO NOT MISS Intrinsic #1 this FCBD!

2.) What specific characters did you choose? Why?

The characters pretty much picked themselves in our minds… Kade is where Arcana began several years ago, so he had to be included to show just how far the character has come since his inception. Candice Crow and Philosopher Rex represent the breadth of characters Arcana has - Candice is the flawed superhero, super-confident in costume and extremely uncertain out of it. Philosopher Rex’s main character, Ishmael Stone, is the other side of the spectrum, a super-confident modern day wizard, delving into the darker side of the Arcanaverse. Kore represents some of what we’ve done along the way – in this case acquiring a number of spectacular characters from the Devil’s Due universe. The other main characters are ones who were created through the evolution of the storyline, unique in their own way and each could easily stand on their own. From a character standpoint, each has a different perspective and history they bring to the table, creating an imperfect dynamic among characters who need to learn to work together.

3.) What is the threat to the heroes?

The end of all things! Kade’s biggest nemesis, Apollyon, is set on a particular goal, which leads him to tear through the fabric of multiple realities. Nothing good can come of that! He has an army behind him and it is up to the assembled Intrinsic team to find him and defeat him.

4.) Why do choose to burst the reader into the action? How does that lead the reader in?

We started Intrinsic out with a bang, showing countless heroes getting their collective rears handed to them by Apollyon and his army. It helps give perspective to what’s at stake… Stop him or everything you care about goes away.

There’s a LOT more in the interview, so be sure to head over to the Paper Dragon Ink site by CLICKING HERE to read it in full.

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