Broken Icon Reviews Curse of the Cortes Stone

Curse of the Cortes Stone, which is available for Pre-Order NOW, was recently reviewed by Broken Icon. You can read an excerpt below, but be sure to read the entire review by CLICKING HERE.

The storyline is fast paced and filled with action. The story is very good and not bogged down with trying to give a lot of information about characters the readers may not be familiar with. I’ve only ever read Shadowflame’s comics but this crossover makes me want to get my hands on The Wraith and Johnny Saturn’s stories to read more about them. Dircherl, Martino, and Story do a very good job of writing a story that is wonderful and seems to be true to the respective characters.

The art is very detailed. It’s so detailed that I spent a good bit of time actually studying each page on my second read through. The many details aren’t needed for the over all story, they are just really nice additions I still love the sound effects and visual effects added in both the words and the details, they supplement the art very well. I really liked the zombies. They were disgusting to look at, like all zombies should be, but were not juicy as some I have seen when dug up from graves to serve people.The artist put in all stages of decay and that is awesome as sometimes some artists leave out the almost skeletons.

Again, be sure to CLICK HERE to read the entire review. Read on for more information on the book!

Curse of the Cortes Stone
ISBN: 9781927421871
Diamond Code: APR12 0788 Genre: Superhero
Arcana Title Page:

The Wraith, Shadowflame and Johnny Saturn spring forth from their own independent series’ for an adventure only the three of them could possibly dare face. Battling against Aztekoth, The Wraith soon encounters an evil unlike any he has ever faced before–Orcus! An evil so pronounced, so powerful, that the fate of not only the world, but all existence is at stake. Soon joined by his fellow heroes, the trio battle as best they can against a galactic threat that will require the gathering of all Earth’s champions to combat. Join our heroes in this rollicking adventure filled with drama, action and excitement in the best tradition of comic book storytelling. A War of the Independents crossover.

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