One Geek Nation’s Review of FCBD Intrinsic Issue 1

Intrinsic Issue 1 comes out on Free Comic Book Day, but it’s already getting some buzz! One Geek Nation recently reviewed the book and LOVED IT! You can read the entire review by CLICKING HERE, but you can read a sampling of it below.

Arcana has put out a great comic book for Free Comic Book Day. The Instrinsic #1 is the first part of a story, and on top of that all of the characters featured in the story are previously published characters from Arcana Studios. On top of that they have written on of the better first issue team up books I have read in a long time. Too often writers don’t know how to bring a group together but here the writers do a wonderful job of starting to bring the group together. Subtle humor plays a part in the issue just as any good super hero team up comic book should. This book is a must read on Free Comic Book Day.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Intrinsic Issue 1 FREE on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th, at your favorite comic book shop!

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