Amour reviewed over at recently reviewed our Romantic titles, Amour Volumes 1 and 2. You can read a portion of the reviews below, but be sure to click HERE and HERE to read the two in full!

Of Volume 1:

There’s definitely a good mix of stories, as the focus switches from online dating, to female masturbation, to sentimentality, to the supernatural. This does make the reading experience a little imbalanced and disorientating, but it also shows the variety that Romance can reach.
The art from Ezequiel Pineda is good throughout, with all the art being in black and white. Some of the stories have more grey shading/colouring and I think they improve the visuals, though the more stark black and white strips look good too.
This volume definitely contains a mix of content and quality, despite all being romance focused. However, a lot of the writing is good, particularly the dialogue and the artist does well to match the changing the nature of each story.

Of Volume 2:

Overall I prefer this volume to the first. The stories feel more accomplished and there more individual tales that I enjoyed to a greater extent. In this volume, it is the strips where the couple that feature are already together that work best, rather than the date or courtship focused plots. They are more sentimental and sweet, but they also make for more enjoyable reads and fit more easily with the romantic theme.

Thank you to for the reviews and, again, be sure to click HERE and HERE to read the two in full!

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