Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Every Waking Moment!

Ain’t It Cool News, one of the top comic book sites around, recently reviewed Every Waking Moment from Arcana Comics! You can read some of the best bits below, but be sure to CLICK HERE to read the review in full.

“EVERY WAKING MOMENT is a graphic novel that builds to a crescendo similar to WATCHMEN, with a slow boil opening that only intensifies with each new chapter.”

“…a compelling premise, a unique story, and an especially strong sense of foreboding throughout.”

“Heavy, thought-provoking stuff.”

“For a story focused around snoozing, it’s a surprisingly enthralling read that weighs both sides of the debate
with gusto.”

“A potent and involving thriller that touches on some controversial issues that are relevant in today’s
fast-paced world.”

TITLE: Every Waking Moment
Arcana Title Link: <– Click here for an extended preview of the book!

ISBN: 978-1-926914-24-4
Diamond Code: SEP108036 Genre: Science Fiction
What would you do if you never had to sleep again? That’s the question mankind must answer when visionary billionaire Grant Auden develops an eye-opening new medical procedure, The Wake-Up Call, which forever eliminates the need for sleep. Reporter Emma Troy discovers an unexpected and alarming side effect. If you don’t sleep, you don’t dream. And those lost dreams will literally come true as they erupt into the waking world, causing chaos beyond belief. In a fast paced world that is racing into the future, how long before sleep is considered unnecessary?

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