The Fellowship of the Geeks reviews Turning Tiger

The Fellowship of the geeks recently reviewed Turning Tiger, which is out NOW! You can read the entire review BY CLICKING HERE, but below is an excerpt from the review. Be sure to read on below to find out how you can pick up a copy.

If you are thinking this story is somewhat similar to the film IRON GIANT, you are right, but there is a twist. I won’t tell you what the twist is, but it definitely is a good one and I found it interesting. This great book will be enjoyable for any age. Moore’s art is very stylized and cartoony, but that’s OK. I love the action sequences with the robots. I can definitely see this as an enjoyable animated movie.

TITLE: Turning Tiger
Arcana Title Link: <- Click here to see an extended preview!

ISBN: 978-1-926914-87-9
Diamond Code: FEB120740 Genre: Science Fiction
Take one state of the art fully armed sentient military attack robot, let it go rogue, then set the US army and more robots after it. And let it happen in down town USA. If things get bad, have it kidnap a child and see if you can stop her parents blowing the operation wide open to the media.

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