Fellowship of the Geeks reviews Intrinsic Issue 1

We’re t-minus one day until Free Comic Book Day and we’re as excited as little kids on Christmas eve… Intrinsic Issue 1 is making the press rounds now, our Free Comic Book Day entry this year. Below is some of what Fellowship of the Geeks had to say. In an email, they even told us they thought Intrinsic was a better crossover than another one going on right now from another publisher. I’m betting readers out there can figure out which!

Thank you to Fellowship of the Geeks for the kind words! Read it in full BY CLICKING HERE.

INTRINSIC is Arcana’s first cross company event, and it has the potential of being one of the better ones in a while. This issue is certainly has substance, not just style and hype. Allan Otero’s art is great; he handles the action and drama with ease. This should be a fun ride and I will be there alongside them.

Pick up a FREE copy of Intrinsic Issue 1 at your local comic book shop THIS SATURDAY, May 5th!

Also, be sure to pre-order a copy of Issue 2 now, which is available in Diamond Previews, order code MAY120836.

You can also print out THIS FLYER, had it to your local comic shop, and ask them to pre-order a copy.

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