After visiting his father in Arkham Sanitarium, young Howard Lovecraft ignores his father's warning and uses the legendary Necronomicon to open a portal to a strange, frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger.

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Joe Beck has lost the love of his life thanks to a Pixie's Curse and now he needs to figure out how to get his girl back, learn more about the mysterious Pixies, and undo a bad deed he did long ago. Capturing all the naughtiness and playfulness of pixies, while complicating the notion of these benevolent little creatures, this original fantasy meant for all members of the family is hilarious yet emotive with an ending any parent would love. 

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Matthew Carver is an average 16-year-old kid dealing with normal teenage stuff: high school drama, teenage angst, and a huge crush... Or at least he was yesterdayToday he found out that he has inherited an ancient power and responsibility. The ages-old evil known as the Windingo has returned, and Matthew must defeat it. 

He is Kagagi: The Raven!

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In the timeless land of Haraway, a robot girl, Tesla, is given the gift of life by her creator, Wilhelm the Tinkerer. Together with Huxley the Monster Boy, the son of her creator's rival, she breaks into—and out of—ancient fortresses, fights robots, and travels from the depths of the ocean to the skies above as she attempts to solve the mystery of the plague that has stricken her town.

The Clockwork Girl: a story of life, love, robots, and family.

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