Clockwork Girl [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9780980920418
Diamond Code: MAR083433
Genre: All Ages Romance
Created By
Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Kevin Hanna
Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Kevin Hanna
Artist: Grant Bond
Artist: Kevin Hanna
Won Silver Moonbeam Award for Top Comic/Graphic Novel (2008). Clockwork Girl is about a nameless robot girl that has recently been given the gift of life from her creator. While exploring the wonders of an ordinary world she meets an amazing mutant boy and they share a friendship that must overcome their warring families. Prepare for a heartwarming story of friendship as Tesla, the Clockwork Girl and Huxley the Wolf Boy find they have more in common than their mad scientist parents could ever hope to think. A story of adventure, of forging new friendships and learning to wipe away old grudges; in a setting like no other.
The fact that the two main characters are each outsiders in their own way adds to the appeal, because everyone has felt like an outsider at some point. The story is fairly simple, but it’s also...
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There are three problems with kids’ comics these days. First, there aren’t enough of them. Second, they aren’t sold where kids are shopping. Third, kids can’t afford them. Well, there isn’t much one...
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Curious Oddities
Beautifully illustrated by Grant Bond, The ClockWork Girl is a Romeo and Juliet inspired comic with a “clockwork” girl, a mutant boy and their warring families. On one side is The Tinker, the...
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