Intrinsic Graphic Novel
ISBN: 9781927424629
Diamond Code: SEP12 0779
Genre: Superhero Action
Created By
Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Writer: Casey Jones
Artist: Allan Otero
Colorist: Chandran
Letterer: Erik Hendrix
Horrors from different worlds have assembled to bring about a global threat known only as The End. A Philosopher has recognized the signs in time to gather his own forces for Good - including an ordinary, powerless young woman. Only together can they avert disaster on a biblical scale. Every last one of them... is Intrinsic. 'Intrinsic' is a company crossover event bringing together characters from hundres of titles beneath Arcana's library. It is an event of unprecedented ambition, unlike anything that has been before.

Indie ComiX
T is a very straightforward approach to a comic, but I believe it pays off nicely. The action is intense, bold, and very well presented. The stakes are about as high as they could possibly be. I...
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Indie ComiX
All in all, the comic was very entertaining and full of quality. The final battle lived up to its expectation and beyond. I would recommend this to any action aficionados and Sci-Fi fans.
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