ARK [Graphic Novel]
ISBN: 978-1-77135-122-5
Genre: Science Fiction
Created By
Peter Dabbene
Writer: Peter Dabbene
Artist: Ryan Bayliss
Letterer: Ryan Bayliss
After 13 years of space travel, now far past the orbit of Pluto, the crew of the spaceship Explorer has been mysteriously cut off from communication with Earth. In light of Earth’s sudden silence, something about Explorer’s mission—to find and colonize an Earth-like planet—doesn’t ring true anymore. The crew grows restless, and amid the turmoil, one of the meta-humans on board discovers a secret, final message from Earth that reveals shocking news. A crew member disappears, and shipwide paranoia ensues. Will the Explorer crew band together or turn on themselves? And what is the true nature of their mission?

Shelf Abuse
As with the best sci-fi serials, ARK manages to take familiar genre conventions and use them in a way that doesn’t feel at all clichéd. It’s a comic that isn’t afraid to kill its most likable...
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Fanboy Comics
"Yes, we’ve seen parts of this story in other sci-fi or comic works before, but Dabbene manages to give it a freshness that could raise it above other works of this nature."
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Ark is a slow-burn, but those who stick with it will be rewarded with a rich pay-off. If you like your sci-fi thoughtful and idea-driven, this graphic novel could be for you.
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