Deep In Antarctica, Everything’s Getting Cthulh’r By The Minute!
After returning from his previous adventure to the Undersea Kingdom, young Howard Lovecraft must lead an expedition — including his father, Winfield; Uncle Randolph; and Miskatonic University’s Dr. Henry Armitage — to Antarctica, to prevent the awakening of Cthulhu!


Kiefer Patrick O'Reilly was born in June 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia. His acting talent comes through his love of performing and entertaining others, including his three sisters. Kiefer loves animals, especially dogs, and his favorite recreation includes swimming, hockey and hip hop dance.

Kiefer O'Reilly

Voice of Howard

In his illustrious acting career Mark Hamill holds two of the most iconic roles in both cinematic and comic history. With both the face of Luke Skywalker and the voice of the Joker, Mark Hamill is one of the most recognizable actors of the modern era.

Mark Hamill

Dr. Henry Armitage

Until the 2009 Academy Awards were announced, it could be said about Plummer that he was the finest actor of the post-World War II period to fail to get an Academy Award. In that, he was following in the footsteps of the late great John Barrymore, whom Plummer so memorably portrayed on Broadway in a one-man show that brought him his second Tony Award.

Christopher Plummer

Voice of Dr. West

A long time lover of Lovecraftian lore, Jeffrey Combs has a career steeped in the horror genre. Combs career took of with his portrayal of Dr. Herbert West in 1985’s Re-Animator. Combs has also graced the screen in the Star Trek universe, providing both his image and voice.

Jeffrey Combs

H.P. Lovecraft

In the seventies Bradley and Clive Barker founded the progressive theatre group "Dog Company". While Barker worked on writing with his friend Peter Atkins (script-writer for several Hellraiser films), Bradley started acting. Bradley made it to the Movie Monster Hall Of Fame with his role as Pinhead the cenobite whom he portrayed in eight of the Hellraiser movies.

Doug Bradley


Scott McNeil was born on September 15, 1962 in Brisbane, Australia. He is known for his work on Dragon Ball Z (1996), Conan: The Adventurer (1992) and Ranma ½ (1989).

Scott McNeil

Hamish Rice

Sean has written over 50 graphic novels and he has directed/produced 13 episodes of television. He created Pixies originally publishing it as a graphic novel with Arcana.

Sean Patrick O'Reilly

Thu Thu Hmong

Michelle is a Producer at Arcana Studios as she develops and maintains integral business relationships. She has four amazing children, all of which are union actors in Vancouver with recurring roles.

Michelle O'Reilly

Sarah Lovecraft

Tyler James Nicol is a writer and actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has appeared on stage, screen, and internet devices internationally. He is noted for his works with short-film group Megasteakman including many viral sensations such as Pokemon APOKEalypse and 28 Geeks Later.

Tyler Nicol

Winfield Lovecraft

From Vancouver British Columbia, Summer is the oldest child from a family of entertainers. With acting alongside her brother and two sisters, Summer also competes in competitive dance competitions, and is currently working towards her lifeguarding certificate.

Summer O'Reilly


Born in Vancouver British Columbia with her twin sister Phoenix by her side, Harmony O’Reilly has lent her image and voice to many films and TV series in her young career. Aside from annoying her sister, Harmony enjoys trying to outdo her sister on the soccer pitch, and backing her sister up in third grade quarrels.

Harmony O'Reilly


Born in Vancouver British Columbia alongside her twin sister Harmony, Phoenix O’Reilly is a young talented actress. When she’s not getting into trouble with her sister Phoenix enjoys playing soccer with her local association, and surviving the third grade.

Phoenix O'Reilly


Ashleigh Ball was born on March 31, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Ashleigh Adele Ball. She is an actress, known for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010), My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013).

Ashleigh Ball

Ellen Ellery

Finn Wolfhard was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he is now in high school. He has always had a laser focus on continuously growing as an actor, all the way back from the time that he saw his first movie (thank you Sam Raimi's Spider-Man!)

Finn Wolfhard

Herbert West

Nick Wolfhard is an actor, known for Under Wraps (2014), Aftermath (2013) and World Trigger (2014).

Nick Wolfhard

William Dyer




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Papercraft – HP Lovecraft

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