Champions of the Wild Weird West makes HorrorTalk’s Top 10 Horror Comics of 2012

Champions of the Wild Weird West, a recent release from Arcana Comics, has made HorrorTalk’s Top Ten Horror Comics of 2012 list! You can read the entire list by CLICKING HERE, but below is what they had to say about Champions of the Wild Weird West. Champions came in at #8.

Champions of the Wild Weird West (Arcana Studio)

Picture Samurai Jack teaming up with a few cowboys to kill a horde of zombies and you get the idea behind Champions of the Wild Weird West.  The original graphic novel could easily be turned into one of the coolest Saturday morning cartoons ever.  It blends the western with the supernatural in a seamless way.  This isn’t a comic where authors Michael David Nelson and Erik Hendrix just thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if cowboys fought the undead?”  There’s a lot more to the book as we’re introduced to each of the characters.  They’re not zombie food.  Each one has a backstory that you just scratch the surface of.  The book wraps up with a satisfying ending but it’s clear that there’s more to each member of the group and I want to see way more.

Champions of the Wild Weird West is a tale of revenge that includes a samurai and a load of zombies.  I’m not seeing a downside here.”

A special thank you to HorrorTalk for adding us to the list!

If you’d like to learn more about Champions of the Wild Weird West, you can go to its Arcana page here ~ .


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