A contemporary teenager gets magically transported back in time to the mysterious, lost city of Sanxingdui, where he has to overcome his fears and embrace family to become one of the Heroes of the Golden Mask.


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Cast & Crew

Sean Patrick O’Reilly

Jas Boparai
Jim Kammerud
Gordon McGhie
Michelle O’Reilly
Sean Patrick O’Reilly
Troy Arthur Taylor
Xiaoming Yao

Xiaoming Yao (creator)
John Wilson (novel)
Dennis Edwards (contributing writer)
Jim Kammerud (writer)
Jacob Semans (additional material)
Brian Smith (writer)
Richard Lasser (contributing writer)
Chris Wyatt (additional material)
Merrill Hagan additional material)
Sean Patrick O’Reilly (contributing writer)
Brandon Violette (additional material)
Jacob Fox (additional material)
Patrick Rieger (additional material)

Ron Perlman as Kunyi (voice)
Patton Oswalt as Aesop (voice)
Christopher Plummer as Rizzo (voice)
Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Li (voice)
Byron Mann as Jiahao (voice)
Kiefer O’Reilly as Charlie (voice)
Osric Chau as Zhu (voice)
Jack Gillett as Brian (voice)
Zeus Mendoza as Zuma (voice)
Sean Patrick O’Reilly as Thurman (voice)
King Lau as King Yufu (voice)
Albert Steven Tsai as Zhang (voice)
Michelle O’Reilly as Officer Meyers (voice)
Jett Wu as Maly (voice)
Kingston Chan as Mei (voice)
Rickie Wang as Min (voice)

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