Howard Lovecraft the Kingdom of Madness


After returning from the Undersea Kingdom, young Howard Lovecraftis visited by a familiar stranger claiming to be his uncle, they must then travel to Antarctica and enlist the help of a few old friends in order to save Winfield Lovecraft, and once and for all uncover the origins of the Necronomicon impending madness.


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Cast & Crew

Sean Patrick O’Reilly

Gill Champion
Baiyi Chen
Steve Chicorel
Stan Lee
Kelly Mi Li
Michelle O’Reilly
Sean Patrick O’Reilly

Sean Patrick O’Reilly
Bruce Brown (based on the Arcana graphic novel by)
Thomas Boatwright (based on the Arcana graphic novel by)
Erik Fokkens (based on the Arcana graphic novel by)
Dwight MacPherson (based on the Arcana graphic novel by)
Sean Patrick O’Reilly (based on the Arcana graphic novel by) (as Sean O’Reilly)
E.T. Dollman (based on the Arcana graphic novel by)
H.P. Lovecraft (inspired by the works of) (uncredited)

Kiefer O’Reilly as Howard Lovecraft (voice)
Jeffrey Combs as H.P. Lovecraft (voice)
Tyler Nicol as Winfield Lovecraft (voice)
Michelle O’Reilly as Sarah Lovecraft (voice)
Sean Patrick O’Reilly as Spot / Cthulhu (voice)
Alison Wandzura as Mary Lovecraft (voice)
Mark Hamill as Dr. Henry Armitage (voice)
Vijary Vaibhav Saini as Professor Jaswant Atwood (voice)
Ashleigh Ball as Ellen Ellery (voice)
Scott McNeil as Hamish Rice / Govlins (voice)
Nick Wolfhard as William Dyer (voice)
Christopher Plummer as Dr. Jeffrey West (voice)
Finn Wolfhard as Herbert West (voice)
Doug Bradley as Nyarlathotep (voice)
Summer O’Reilly as Gotha (voice)
Harmony O’Reilly as Innes (voice)
Phoenix O’Reilly as Twi’i (voice)
Geoff Gustafson as Martin (voice)
Ashleigh Ball as Penny (voice)
Adam Lasher as Sylvester (voice)
Summer O’Reilly as Glider (voice)

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